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Department of Population Health and Disease Prevention

The mission of the Department of Population Health and Disease Prevention (DPHDP) is to create, integrate, and translate population-based knowledge into preventive strategies to reduce the societal burden of human disease and disability through excellence in interdisciplinary research, education, and public service. The DPHDP was established in 2008 as the first department within the PPH to provide a formal academic structure for the multidisciplinary pursuit of a public health mission and administration of degree programs. This forward-thinking strategy promoted excellence in cross-disciplinary research and practice, expansion of degree programs, and growth of the public health student population. In 2020 the DPHDP reached a critical size and junction whereby faculty could branch out to populate complementary new departments with more disciplinary focus. The DPHDP looks forward to continued growth within the future School of Population and Public Health.

Lisa Grant Ludwig

Welcome to the Department of Population Health and Disease Prevention! I encourage you to join or support us as we push the frontiers of knowledge and seek answers to the most important questions in crucial areas of public health. We reframe and answer questions that emerge with new societal challenges, and we train a cadre of public health scientists and policymakers who are versatile in the interdisciplinary language necessary to succeed in today's ever-changing world. Our faculty and students pursue research in global health, infectious and chronic disease etiology and prevention, biological determinants of health and wellness, health policy, environmental risk factors and hazards, and emerging areas of population and public health.


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