Study Abroad

Before Departure

  • Visit the Study Abroad Center office or website
  • Know the GE and degree requirements you need to fulfill.
    • Read about your GE requirements in the General Catalogue
    • Check your online degree audit
    • Meet with an Academic Advisor in the Student Affairs Office in the Public Health Program if you have questions about your degree requirements or degree audit.
  • Locate the course offerings of the program you are considering.
    • For GE courses, please contact the study abroad office to determine if the study abroad program you are thinking of attending has a list of already approved GE courses for you to take.
    • If the course you want to take hasn't been approved, please complete the following:
      • Print out course descriptions and determine if the courses offered seem roughly equivalent to the courses you need to fulfill requirements. Compare course titles, course descriptions, levels (i.e. upper- or lower-division), etc.
      • For EAP - Use the EAP Course Catalogue to look up course descriptions.
      • For IOP - Most course descriptions are accessible from the program's website.
      • Remember that in order for courses to be approved for use in your major, the content must be approved by the department by a petition process. (Please see detailed description below.)
      • If you cannot find the course offerings or you cannot figure out whether or not the courses are similar to the courses you need, make an appointment with a CIE Staff Advisor.
  • Go to the Study Abroad Center to obtain an EAP application or IOP forms and information.
  • Fill out any forms you need in addition to the application.
    • For EAP - You will need to 1) submit the information for the program to which you are applying, and 2) print out a copy to turn in to the Center for International Education (CIE) along with your EAP application.
    • For IOP - You will need to fill out and submit an International Study Advance Contract. This process can take up to 8 weeks.
  • Petition All Courses 1-2 Months Before You Leave!

    • Pick up or download the course waiver petition.
    • Make sure to include course work, course descriptions, syllabi and reading lists with the petition.
    • Remember that for courses to be approved for use in your major, the content must be approved by the department, and the courses must be at least four quarter units and taken for a letter grade.
    • Reminders:

      • If you plan to be abroad during the regular academic year (fall, winter or spring), you are advised to check when required courses for your degree are offered at UCI. Some required courses (for example, Public Health 122) are only offered once per year, so missing a required class may result in delaying graduation.
      • You must meet the Public Health time to degree policy: freshmen who entered before the 2011-12 academic year may enroll for a maximum of 15 full-time quarters, freshmen who entered during the 2011-12 academic year and on have 12 full-time quarters and students who entered as transfers may enroll for a maximum of 9 full-time quarters.
      • You need to have met the Entry-level writing requirement before studying abroad. Also, be sure you are still able to complete lower-division writing GE before the end of your sixth quarter at UCI.
      • Optional: make an appointment to meet with an Academic Advisor in the Public Health Program to review your proposed study plan. You should bring your completed EAP Academic Planning Form or IOP International Study Advance Contract, and copies of all course descriptions.

While Abroad

  • If you take a course that you didn't petition before you left, but feel it could fulfill a degree requirement, keep all of the work you do for the course. (i.e. the course description, syllabus, and reading list. If you take a course that does not have a syllabus, keep track of all readings, topics covered in class, papers written, and exams taken.)
  • Petition the course upon returning to UC, Irvine.
  • Please keep in mind that even if you finish the course and you feel it should count, it may not. This is why we urge students to submit all petitions before leaving to ensure the course will count.

Upon Return

  • After credit has been posted to your UCI transcript, please email the Public Health Student Affairs Office at asking for the approved courses (that you petitioned before you left) to be updated on your online degree audit.

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