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Congratulations to our UCI Celebration of Teaching Awardees for 2021 and 2020

The annual UCI Celebration of Teaching recognizes undergraduate teachers at UCI who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, innovation, and commitment to undergraduate education. Dr. Ted Gideonse was recognized for 2021 (view recognition video) and Dr. Daniel Parker was recognized for 2020 (view recognition video).

On behalf of the UCI Program in Public Health, we thank Drs. Gideonse and Parker for their dedication to student training and teaching excellence and congratulate them on their accomplishments.

2021 Awardee
Dr. Ted Gideonse, Assistant Professor of Teaching in the Department of Health, Society, and Behavior

Ted GideonseDr. Gideonse’s contributions to the teaching mission of the Program in Public Health are vast. He is a skilled educator that recognizes the importance of connecting students with the real-world practice of public health. Of note, at the height of the pandemic, Dr. Gideonse led the development and delivery of a new version of the “Fall 2020 Public Health I” course to include guest speakers from a variety of disciplines in public health. He was instrumental in securing a diverse line-up of expert guest lecturers that included elected officials, alumni, and faculty from schools across campus. Final enrollment for the course rose to just under 700 – one of the largest sections yet.

Dr. Gideonse’s background is in medical and psychological anthropology with a focus on research and teaching about HIV/AIDS, substance use, and the delivery and discourses of public health. He also has considerable experience as an editor, journalist, and critic in popular and alternative media.

His dedication to course development is driven by his passion for student training and teaching excellence. He has made a difference in the learning experience of countless students and continues to exemplify the mission, vision and values of UCI Public Health.

2020 Awardee
Dr. Daniel Parker, Assistant Professor in the Department of Population Health and Disease Prevention

Daniel ParkerDr. Parker’s contributions to the Program in Public Health have been numerous and outstanding. He has participated in an array of courses since joining Public Health, from teaching our large “Introduction to Epidemiology” course to serving as a guest lecturer in the online Climate Change and Disaster Management course. Dr. Parker’s passion for this work translates into his outstanding teaching and mentorship, and we are grateful for all that he does to inspire Public Health students.

With a background in infectious disease epidemiology and demography, much of Dr. Parker’s work concerns spatial and spatiotemporal patterns in infectious disease. Highlights of his research span work on malaria along the Thailand-Myanmar (Burma) border, to studies on tuberculosis among migrants, as well as maternal and child health. He is particularly interested in the ways that human movement and migration patterns influence the distribution of infectious diseases, treatment seeking behavior, and health outcomes, which he believes are critical for informing public health interventions.

Outside of the classroom, he leads The Parker Lab Group, which works on infectious disease epidemiology with a focus on global health. Participating students learn the value of collaboration as they contribute to partnerships with NGOs, governmental organizations, and universities across the globe to research barriers in access to care.

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