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The curriculum committee shall consist of six faculty members, student advising officers, and representatives of the student body. The faculty members will represent expertise in curriculum matters at the undergraduate level, and for the concentrations within the graduate program. Members are appointed to serve renewable five-year terms.


To review and recommend to the faculty all matters involving the undergraduate and graduate curricula. The Curriculum Committee is a standing committee in the program, consisting of faculty members, student representatives, and staff counselors. The committee functions to review and oversee curricular issues and to make recommendations to the faculty where faculty endorsement by vote is required prior to sending proposals to the Academic Senate Council on Educational Policy or Graduate Council. The committee also reviews requests for new courses or modifications in existing courses and course evaluations. The committee reviews substantial modifications to class sizes, course scheduling, learning objectives, emphasis areas, and guidelines for teaching assistants. The committee meets as frequently as the agenda warrants.

Current Membership:

Dr. Tim Bruckner (Chair), Dr. Scott Bartell, Dr. Miryha Runnerstrom, Dr. Ulrike Luderer, Dr. Suellen Hopfer, Dr. Yunxia Lu, Dr. Cynthia Lakon and staff representatives, (vacant) and Rosanna Horton will provide input as needed during discussion of changes to the catalogue description of the curricula. Members are appointed to serve renewable five-year terms.

    • Tim-Allen Bruckner
    • Scott Bartell
    • Ulrike Luderer
    • Suellen Hopfer
    • Yunxia Lu
    • Cynthia Lakon
    • Rosanna Horton



This ad hoc committee’s responsibilities are on as needed basis, depending on faculty FTE allocation from the Office of the Provost, and retention issues that may arise during the course of the year. The committee shall consist of at least one tenured professor and one pre-tenure professor, and one member in the lecturer series. The committee also includes the administrative staff member responsible for academic personnel. Members are appointed on ad hoc basis.


The committee serves to review and make recommendations to the faculty on affairs related to recruitment, retention, recognition and advancement for faculty in the professorial series and in the lecturer series. The composition of the committee may vary depending on the issues that are reviewed. The committee ensures that all faculty searches are conducted according to university policies; that deserving faculty are recognized for their teaching and service; and that concerns related to retention and advancement are addressed in a timely manner.

Current Membership:

Veronica Vieira (Chair), Dr. Andrew Noymer, Dr. Scott Bartell, Dr. Zuzana Bic, Dr. Rufus Edwards, Dr. Alana LeBron, and staff representative Mary Morris.

    • Veronica Vieira
    • Andrew Noymer
    • Scott Bartell
    • Zuzana Bic
    • Rufus Edwards
    • Alana M.W.  LeBrón



The Student admissions, performance standards, and welfare committee consists of the
faculty directors of the undergraduate and graduate programs, director of student experience in public
health. The committee membership also includes staff members from the student advising office.
Members are appointed to serve renewable five-year terms.


To review and recommend to the faculty all matters relating to the criteria for admission of
graduate students, and freshman and transfer students into the public health majors. The committee
reviews and makes recommendations on minimum standards for students to remain in good standing in
the program, on probation, students on contracts, dismissals and student appeals. The committee also
serves as the portal for requests and recommendations for improving student welfare and morale.


1. Disqualification/Dismissal

Current Membership:

Dr. Lisa Ludwig (Chair), Dr. Miryha Runnerstrom (Undergraduate Director), Dr. Scott Bartell (Ph.D. Director), Dr. David Timberlake (MPH Director), Dr. Zuzana Bic (Director of Student Experience in Public Health), and student advising representatives (vacant).

    • Lisa Grant Ludwig
    • David Timberlake
    • Zuzana Bic



The research, facilities and library resources committees shall consist of four faculty members, including at least one tenured member. Staff members of the committee shall include those responsible for academic affairs and facilities and academic personnel.


To review and make recommendations to the faculty on resources, facilities for research, teaching, and libraries. These resources include laboratories, computing infrastructure, and budget issue

Current Membership:

Dr. Guiyun Yan (Chair), Dr. Tim-Allen Bruckner, Dr. Jun Wu, Dr. David Timberlake, and staff representatives Liza Krassner.

    • Guiyun Yan
    • Tim-Allen Bruckner
    • Jun Wu
    • David Timberlake
    • Liza Krassner

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