Public Health Sciences - Requirements

Catalogue Rights policy dictates that continuing students and transfer students can choose the version of the Public Health Sciences or Public Health Policy major requirements that they would prefer in accordance with the timeframes they are enrolled at UCI or a community college. Freshman students beginning Fall 2009 will choose only the new 2009 – 2010 requirements.

Public Health 100

Public Health 100 is a variable topic course and can change content and title each quarter. Students may repeat PH 100, as long as they enroll in various topics.

Below is a list of PH 100 titles; indicating the topic area they fulfill for PHS.

SUMMER - 2016 Public Health Finance for Non-Financial Managers Epidemiology, Genetics & Health Informatics
SUMMER - 2016 PH 100 in Bali Health Policy and Mgmt
SUMMER - 2014 Public health and Wellness PHS - Infectious and Chronic Diseases
SUMMER - 2013 Public Health Mgmt PHS-N/A
WINTER - 2013 Introduction to Ethics Environmental & Global Health
SUMMER - 2012 PH Programs for the Corporate World N/A
SPRING - 2012 War and Public Health (PH 176) Environmental & Global Health
WINTER - 2012 War and Public Health (PH 176) Environmental &
Global Health
PH & the Law (PH 126) Environmental & Global Health

Public Health 199

Note: PH 199 may count for an Upper Division Topic Area, (4 units) with the approval of the Public Health Department Chair. PH 198 will not satisfy any Upper Division Topic Areas.

Additional documents are available in the Public Health Forms page.

Making Your Decision

If you need assistance deciding which version of your Public Health major to follow please seek advice from an Academic Counselor or Peer Advisor in Student Affairs. We are located in Anteater Instruction & Research Offices (AIRB), Suite 2010, 2nd Floor, or send an email to

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