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Evaluation of the California Safer Consumer Products Regulation and the impact on consumers and product manufacturers by Dallas Cowan, Ph.D.

Monday, May 5, 2014 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm CAL-IT2 AUDITORIUM OCW Video Archive
Seminar Abstract

Chemistry enables more than 95% of products in the marketplace. Over the past 20 years, various entities began to generate inventories of chemicals (‘‘chemical watch lists’’) potentially associated with human or environmental health risks. Some lists included thousands of chemicals, while others listed only a few chemistries with limited properties or toxicological endpoints (e.g., neurotoxicants). Enacted on October 1, 2013, the California Safer Consumer Products Regulation (SCP) utilized data from chemical inventory lists to create one master list. This paper aims to discuss the background and requirements of this regulation. Additionally, we wanted to understand the universe of Candidate Chemicals identified by the Regulation. Data from all 23 chemical lists identified in the SCP Regulation were entered into a database. The most prevalent chemicals among the ~2900 chemicals are identified, including the most prevalent chemical, lead, appearing on 65% of lists, followed by DEHP (52%), perchloroethylene (48%), and benzene (48%). Our results indicated that the most prevalent Candidate Chemicals were either persistent, bioaccumulative, carcinogenic, or reprotoxic. This regulation will have wide-ranging impact in California and throughout the global supply chain, which is highlighted through selected examples and case studies.

Speaker Biography - Dallas Cowan, Ph.D.

Dallas Cowan, Ph.D.
Dallas Cowan, Ph.D. C.I.H., Senior Health Scientist, Cardno Chemrisk
Dr. Dallas Cowan is a toxicologist, board-certified industrial hygienist and a Senior Health Scientist with Cardno ChemRisk. His principal areas of training and expertise include metals toxicology, neurotoxicology, biomarkers, physiology, industrial hygiene, and exposure and risk assessment. Dr. Cowan has provided technical and litigation support on various projects involving exposure and human health risk assessment of chemicals in a variety of occupational, environmental, and consumer product settings. His experience includes investigating the health effects of exposure to a variety of compounds, including benzene, styrene, vinyl chloride, and other VOCs, metals including manganese, and asbestos. He also has expertise and has published in the area of product stewardship and sustainability involving methods for comprehensive product safety assessments. His peer-reviewed publications have included “A cross-sectional analysis of reported corporate environmental sustainability practices” and more recently an “Evaluation of the California Safer Consumer Products Regulation and the Impact on Consumers and Product Manufacturers”, both published in the journal Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology.

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