Public Health Seminar Series:

Questions that Matter - 2018 Elections - 45th Congressional District, California by Candidates for 45th Congressional District

Friday, June 1, 2018 9:00am Moss Cove B - UCI Student Center OCW Video Archive
Seminar Abstract

Questions for Coffee with the Candidates: 1. If elected, what would you do to address climate change and its impact on human health? 2. How can health care in the United States be improved? 3. What would you to protect women’s reproductive rights? 4. President Trump has limited entry of refugees and immigrants from many predominantly Muslim nations. If elected, would you support continuation of this policy? If not, what would you do instead? 5. Some of our fellow UC Irvine students are undocumented. We know that for many of them, their legal status creates stress and makes it harder for them to succeed academically. What would you do to protect and support undocumented students? 7. Social factors like race, gender, sexual orientation and many others impact people’s health and wellbeing by way of experiences with discrimination, access to opportunities, and other mechanisms. If you were elected, what would you do to support equality among all Americans?

Speaker Biography - Candidates for 45th Congressional District

Candidates for 45th Congressional District
Candidates for 45th Congressional District Moderated by Dele Ogunseitan
Come, get coffee and a pastry, take a break from studying/writing/grading, and hear from the people who want to represent you in Washington, DC. Everyone is welcome to attend, whether you've been following the race closely or you do not have a clue who these politicians are and you want to get more engaged. The event is organized by UCI student organizations "Health and Justice Advocates" and "Feminist Illuminati." Thank you to the Program in Public Health for support!

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