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Persistence of the White Plague (Tuberculosis): An Infectious Disease Perspective of Public Health by Michael Carson

Monday, May 1, 2017 12:00pm CalIT2, Auditorium OCW Video Archive
Seminar Abstract

The White Plague (Tuberculosis) is as old as the human race, and still persists today. To understand infectious disease scientific and public health advances over the centuries is to understand the path of tuberculosis (TB) discovery, treatment and cure. This presentation will focus on early TB history, TB public health implications, strategies to combat TB before modern science, identification of the TB causative agent, TB treatment and cure, advances in TB screening, laboratory testing, and medication regimens, and strategic initiatives toward TB elimination. Specifically, the presenter will discuss the public health impact of TB from the Orange County, California, perspective.

Speaker Biography - Michael Carson

Michael Carson
Michael Carson MS, Program Manager, Tuberculosis Prevention & Care/Refugee Health Services, County of Orange Health Care Agency
Michael Carson received a Master of Science degree in Preventive Medicine from The Ohio State University. As a true public servant, he has worked in city, county and state health department infectious disease programs, first with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and presently with the County of Orange Health Care Agency. Michael is the Program Manager of Tuberculosis Prevention & Care/Refugee Health Services, responsible for tuberculosis surveillance, treatment, contact investigation, and mandatory reporting.

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