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UCI Public Health Doctoral Candidate Amruta (Amy) Dixit awarded 2016 ELISS fellowship. - Public Health News Spotlight

ELISS Fellows are graduate and professional students selected through a competitive application process to participate in a 15-month leadership development experience. The fellows run a collaborative think tank that taps campus and community expertise around a real-world challenges.

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Article Chronicles UCI Prof. VerĂ³nica Vieira Study of Patterns of Exposure and Disease over Space and Time DERT - Public Health News Spotlight

Environmental epidemiologist VerĂ³nica Vieira, Sc.D., uses advanced modeling tools to examine how environmental exposures and disease risk change over space, or location, and time. Her methods and modeling expertise have contributed to a number of national and international environmental epidemiological studies examining risk of autism, birth defects, cancer, and other adverse health outcomes.

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Dr. Zuzana Bic receives $140,000 award to develop ILTI courses - Public Health News Spotlight

Dr. Bic will use her award to develop and enhance her Innovative Learning Technology Initiative (ILTI) courses, Public Health 1 and Public Health 2.

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