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Video Abstract from Cynthia Lakon of UC Irvine - Public Health News Spotlight

In their recent article, “Simulating Dynamic Network Models and Adolescent Smoking: The Impact of Varying Peer Influence and Peer Selection”, authors Cynthia M. Lakon, PhD, John R. Hipp, Cheng Wang, Carter T. Butts, and Rupa Jose discover a surprising upside to peer influence in certain circumstances— it has the power to influence adolescents to smoke less, or even to quit smoking entirely. One of the goals of this research was to ask whether or not adolescents choose to be like their friends (peer influence), or if adolescents choose friends who are already similar to themselves (peer selection). In social networks with nonsmoking norms, the power of peer influence means that smoking rates will actually drop.

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Public Health Student Named Carbon Neutrality Initiative Fellow - Public Health News Spotlight

Please join us in congratulating Ms. Rebecca Neal, student in the Master of Public Health (MPH) program who has been selected as a “Carbon Neutrality Initiative Fellow” under the UC President’s Global Food and Carbon Neutrality Initiative.

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GHREAT Membership Application - Apply by December 4, 2015 - Public Health News Spotlight

As part of GHREAT's goal to increase global health awareness around campus, we are looking for dedicated, passionate and hardworking students who can help us achieve our mission. This quarter, in addition to the Statement of Research Interest and Resume, students must complete the following application (see link). Applicants should submit all materials in one cohesive document. Applications will be accepted till 11:00 pm on Friday, December 4, 2015.

Please note that you must sign up for Dr. Daniels' PH 198 directed studies course held Monday's at 4 pm. Attendance for this class is mandatory.

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