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Changes in Physical Activity After Installation of a Fitness Zone in a Community Park
Research Publication by Mojgan Sami, PhD; Megan Smith, PhD; Oladele A. Ogunseitan, PhD - Public Health News Spotlight

Increases in physical activity can lead to decreases in the prevalence of chronic diseases. Parks provide an ideal setting for physical activity. We investigated the effect of a fitness equipment installation on the intensity of park users’ physical activity at a community park.

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The neonatal congenital heart disease screening project started! 24 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) are ahead of the country! - Public Health News Spotlight

On July 30 , the National Health and Wellness Committee Maternal and Child Health Services Department held a kick-off meeting for neonatal congenital heart disease screening project in Beijing. (View English version - via Google Translate)

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How Malak Kudaimi, ’18 international studies and public health, is battling against food insecurity - Public Health News Spotlight

Malak Kudaimi’s first few months at UCI were difficult. She was commuting to campus and her days away from home were long. A campus meal plan was too expensive, so she resorted to eating food like ramen, which was cheap, but not healthy. Without adequate food, she felt like she wasn’t able to perform as well as she could with her studies. It wasn’t until she found a part-time job that she felt like she didn’t have to try to go as long as possible without eating. Looking back at those days, she says, “I thought it was an experience only I had.”

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Undercooked: An expensive push to save lives and protect the planet falls short
Article with quote by UCI Prof. Rufus Edwards - Public Health News Spotlight

For many decades, it was one of the globe’s most underappreciated health menaces: household pollution in developing countries, much of it smoke from cooking fires...

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