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VIDEO: UCI Stories: A wide ranging conversation between Daniel Stokols and Oladele Ogunseitan - Public Health News Spotlight

UCI Libraries presents an in-depth discussion between professors Daniel Stokols and Oladele Ogunseitan covering the origins of the Program in Public Health, School of Social Ecology -- and more.

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Study: Most online liquid nicotine vendors fail to prevent sales to minors - by Dmitriy Nikitin, UCI Public Health Researcher - Public Health News Spotlight

"Regardless of whether they are members of trade associations or not, online vendors of e-liquids are not doing a good job of preventing sales to minors," said Dmitriy Nikitin, UCI public health researcher and study leader. UCI Public Health Prof. David Timberlake and Rebecca Williams of UNC contributed to the study, which appears online in Nicotine & Tobacco Research.

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