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Article: Workplace breastfeeding support and job satisfaction among working mothers in the United States - by Margaret D. Whitley MPH Annie Ro PhD, MPH BongKyoo Choi ScD, MPH - Public Health News Spotlight

Job satisfaction is used to indicate overall socioemotional wellbeing of workers1 and results “from the appraisal of one's job as achievement or facilitating the achievement of one's job values. Job satisfaction is strongly correlated with workers’ mental health outcomes, including depression and anxiety, and modestly correlated with physical health.

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Meet Ruzan Orkusyan, class of 2019 - Public Health News Spotlight

Ruzan Orkusyan’s parents left behind promising medical careers in Armenia when they brought their family to the United States in the early 2000s to escape the political and economic instability that plagued their country. But their daughter continues their dream by receiving her medical degree this June...

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