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Article: How to protect the environment from toxic pollutants? Find the answer across disciplines - Public Health News Spotlight

Specialty Chief Editor, Prof Oladele Ogunseitan from the University of California Irvine, will lead the new Toxicology, Pollution and the Environment specialty in Frontiers in Environmental Science. He currently co-chair’s Apple Inc.’s Green Chemistry Advisory Board. In 2018, he received a meritorious honor award from the U.S. Department of State for exceptional teamwork and contributions to the successful achievement of U.S. goals at the third United Nations Environment Assembly.

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UCI Carbon Neutrality Fellow Samer Khan walks you through the Cool Campus Challenge! - Public Health News Spotlight

This April, pledge to take simple steps at work and at home to lower your energy and water use, reduce waste, live a healthier and ultimately reduce your carbon footprint. Together, our actions can help UC reach its carbon neutrality goals!

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Article: The art of healthy persuasion - UCI researcher creates videos and messages to boost vaccination rates and cancer screenings - Public Health News Spotlight

She’s heard all the excuses. When it comes to colonoscopies, immunizations and other preventive measures, Suellen Hopfer is used to encountering rationalizations and resistance.

Her job is to defuse the defenses.

Bombarding folks with facts “isn’t going to motivate them,” says Hopfer, a UCI assistant professor of public health who specializes in medical and risk communication. Instead, she crafts videos and other messages that address real-life objections and fears with a blend of emotion, humor and FAQ-style nuggets of information.

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