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Prof. Brittany Morey awarded ICTS Pilot Studies Award - Public Health News Spotlight

Prof. Brittany Morey was awarded the ICTS Pilot Studies Award! Details about the award application are below. The title of her funded research project is "Neighborhood Risk and Resilience for Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Respiratory Health Disparities." Out of 39 applications across UCI, she was one of 8 that were awarded. The amount of the award is about $25,000, which will largely go to supporting a PhD graduate student researcher for 12 months.

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News: Coronavirus: Scientists Looking Into Immunity Testing - featuring Prof. Andrew Noymer (CBS 2) - Public Health News Spotlight

Experts are now looking into coronavirus immunity testing. The test would tell people whether they’ve already had the coronavirus and have developed antibodies. “The antibody test will be perhaps our most important tool as we eventually ease the lockdown,” said UC Irvine Public Health Professor Andrew Noymer. Noymer said it’s possible that flu-like illnesses people experienced in late winter may have actually been the novel coronavirus. … Dr. Philip Felgner, Director of UCI’s Vaccine Research and Development Center, gets a couple of calls a day from healthcare workers wanting to know if they are protected [by immunity] when they go into the hospital.

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News: Herd immunity: Expert explains how it could contribute to slowing spread of coronavirus - featuring Prof. Andrew Noymer (ABC 7) - Public Health News Spotlight

How will the coronavirus pandemic end? We are learning more about several possible paths. One is a vaccine in the works. Another is the concept of herd immunity. Andrew Noymer, a public heath professor at University of California, Irvine, explained how herd immunity works. … "Herd immunity is the concept that once a certain proportion of the whole population is immune, the virus has a really hard time bouncing from person to person. And so, what we want to get to eventually is a situation where most people are immune and then the epidemic will die out," Noymer said.

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Article: Orange County coronavirus numbers parallel Italy, professors say - featuring Prof. Dominik Wodarz - Public Health News Spotlight

Local coronavirus data reported in coming days will be crucial in determining if Orange County is on the same path as Italy in the spread of the virus and its impact on local hospitals, according to two UC Irvine professors studying confirmed cases of COVID-19. In their analysis, based on the number of case counts per 1 million people, colleagues Dominik Wodarz [professor of public health], who studies the dynamics of infectious diseases, and Natalia Komarova, a math professor, put Orange County about 20 days behind the date when Italy’s hospital system became overwhelmed by the number of COVID-19 cases in that country.

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