Sample study plan for the Ph.D. in Public Health

Concentration in Global Health

P = Preparatory Module; C-C = Core Courses in Concentration Module; C-R = Risk Factors Courses in Concentration Module; C-V = Vulnerable Population Courses in Concentration Module; R = Research Module; E = Elective Courses.

Fall Quarter Winter Quarter Spring Quarter

Year 1

PH 290 (Natural Disasters) (P)

PH 280 (Global Burden of Disease) (C-C)

STAT-201 (P)
PH 212 (Intermediate Epidemiology) (CV)

PH 282 (Advances in Global Health) (C-C)

PH 283 (Advances in Geographic Information Science) (C-C)

STAT-202 (P)
PH 294 (Research Communication in Public Health) (P)

PH 205 (Advanced Epidemiologic Methods) (P)

STAT-203 (P)

Year 2
PH 288 (Research Proposal Writing in Global Health and Disease Prevention) (P)

PH 213 (International Epidemiology) (C-C)

PH 287 (Qualitative Research Methods in Public Health) (P)
PH 292 (Ethics and Responsible Conduct of Research in Public Health) (C-R)

PH 281 Infectious Diseases Epidemiology (C-V)

PH 298 (Directed Research) (P)
PH 270 (Human Exposure to Environmental Contaminants) (C-R)

PH 297 (Research Design) (P)

PH 299 Independent Studies

Year 3
Qualifying Examination PH - 296 Dissertation Research (R)
PH - 399 (Teaching Assistantship)

Year 4
PH - 296 Dissertation Research (R) / Defense
PH-399 (Teaching Assistantship)

Year 5
PH - 296 Dissertation Research (R) / Defense

Year 6
PH - 296 Dissertation Research (R) / Defense

Note: Official course schedule and availability may change from year to year. Enrolled students should inquire with the Graduate Affairs Office for the most current degree requirements and course offerings.

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