Sample study plan for the Ph.D. in Public Health

Concentration in Disease Prevention

These plans are meant as samples only. They are designed to give you an idea of when to expect to take certain types of courses in the PhD program. New courses may be added at any time, and not all current courses are offered every year, so you will want to consult the Public Health office and the Schedule of Classes for actual course schedules.

Sample study plan for the Ph.D. in Public Health, concentration in Disease Prevention

Fall Quarter Winter Quarter Spring Quarter

Year 1
PH 209: Methods of Demographic Analysis

PH 244: Health Behavior Theory

PH 242: Theories of Health Communication
PH 245: Health Promotion Planning

PH 212: Intermediate Epidemiology

PH 246: Social Research Methods

PH 207A: Probability and Statistics in Public Health
PH 294: Research Communication in Public Health

PH 205: Advanced Epidemiologic Methods

PH 207B: Analysis of Public Health Data Using Statistical Software

Year 2
PH 288: Research Proposal Writing in Global Health and Disease Prevention

PH 293: Foundations of Clinical and Translational Science

PH-287: Qualitative Research Methods in Public Health
PH 292: Ethics and Responsible Conduct of Research in Public Health

PH-208: Advances in Social Epidemiology

PH 298: Directed Research
PH 297: Research Design

PsyBeh P273: Bio-behavioral Aspects of Health and Illness

PH 269: Air, Pollution, Climate, and Health

PH 299: Independent Studies

Year 3
Qualifying Examination PH 296: Dissertation Research PH 399: Teaching Assistantship

Year 4
PH 296: Dissertation Research / Defense PH 399: Teaching Assistantship

Year 5
PH 296: Dissertation Research / Defense

Year 6
PH 296: Dissertation Research / Defense

Note: Official course schedule and availability may change from year to year. Enrolled students should inquire with the Graduate Affairs Office for the most current degree requirements and course offerings.

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