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Anamara  Ritt-Olson

Anamara Ritt-Olson, Ph.D.
Lecturer, Program in Public Health
Mojgan Sami


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Mojgan Sami, Ph.D.
Lecturer, Program in Public Health; Orange County Partnerships to Improve Community Health (OC-PICH)

Research Interests: Global urbanization and its impact on health, equity, and ecological sustainability in vulnerable populations, including historically under-served communities, such as urban slums in Nairobi, Kenya. Currently studying the impact of sustainable transportation infrastructure to increase physical activity indicators in wellness corridors of 3 under-served cities in Orange County; and the relationship between indigenous food systems and collective well-being of Adivasi communities in eastern India.

Terry L. Schmidt


Terry L. Schmidt, Dr.H.A.
Lecturer, Program in Public Health; Paul Merage School of Business

Research Interests: Global Health Law and Diplomacy and Global Health Leadership.

Tonya L. Schuster

Tonya L. Schuster, Ph.D.
Lecturer, Program in Public Health; Department of Sociology

Research Interests: Sociology of Medicine and Alternative Medicine Social Psychology Research Methods

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